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Do BULLIES RULE in your school?
Here are some nominations for "The Bullies Rule the School Award."

Below: Examples of schools that are unworthy, thus worthy of being recognized because they ignore bullies, bullying and the bullied.

Nominating an Idaho Middle School - ID 
"I'm in 6th grade and too scared to say the exact middle school, because it's still going on.  I have ADHD and have some bad days, but I do try.  Kids pick on me, lightly kick my back,etc.  After I lose it and say/do something I regret, I'm the only one who gets in trouble!  I beg the teachers to believe me, but they don't care. They punish only me and paint me to be a bad kid, which I'm NOT.  I went from meeting many people in homeschool to having away every social situation taken from me in school.  Teachers tell me it's because I'm too big a distraction.  I've become depressed and sometimes want to kill myself.  I don't know how much longer I can take this." 

Nominating Lake Asbury Junior High, Middleburg - FL 
My nephew has had his lunch stolen, bullies have gone through his book bag taking things out and while walking home from school a boy who was not suppose to be getting off at my nephew bus stop got off at his stop and broke another kids mail box and told the kids you didn't see anything, or else.  Of course trying to do THE RIGHT THING my nephew came home and told.  We called the parents of the boy who's mail box was broken and told him what happened.  Later, the bully sent two other boys to my home to ask my nephew if he wanted to come out. He went out and the bully was waiting for him in the street.  ...We went to talk to VP on Tuesday.  He said he would bring boy in off the and handle it.  But, after my Nephew was assaulted again, the same VP said, "Oh well unless enough people are willing to say they saw him do it then there is nothing that can be done about it".   I asked to talk to principal and was told that the boy was going to be suspended from the bus and then come to find out he wasn't.  When we called him to find out why nothing happened he said that the boy was punished but can't comment on what the punishment was, which was nothing, since the bully was still on the bus.  I hear this bully is carrying a knife.  These kids are scared of him and the school is saying that until there is a serious injury then there is nothing that's going to be done about it. 

Nominating School Doctors Inlet Elementary - FL
A boy that goes to that school walks pass my home everyday and harasses and threatens a younger girl.   I ran out of my house yelling for him to back up.  Then the girl went home.  Yesterday, that same boy attacked the same younger girl and three of her girlfriends.  I went to The Doctors Inlet Elem and talked to the VP.  They told me that they can't make that boy listen at school much less off school grounds, so I asked if they could hold him back 10 to 15 min's so the girls had a running chance to get home and she said yes.  When I saw the girls today, they were told that the boy was going to be let out of school at the same time as they were... 

Nominating TOK School, Alaska
My name is Caleb and i am a victim of bulling at tok School, alaska.  I have been picked on, called names and physicaly hurt because of bullies.  At school they push me around and try to pick fights with me.  Now the bullies continue this even after school and think they can get away with it.  Just today a boy stopped me on the road by a friends house.  He pushed me around and hit me in the lower back while i tried to walk away.  I fell and got back up and walked away again. this time he put me in a choke hold, thew me to the ground, and hit me in the back again before walking off laughing.   That is why our school be should be nominated for the "Bullies rule the school award".   Thank you sincerely,  Caleb

Nominating - Errick Road School - Niagara Wheatfield School District - North Tonawanda, NY
I nominate Errick Road School for several reasons.  First of all, they were made aware of a kindergartner in my son's class who was planning an attack on his neighbor and fellow student which involved metal handcuffs and violence.   I know this because my son was brave enough to tell us. I bet the intended victim's family was never made aware of this. This boy not only devised a full plan but coaxed 3 other boys to participate.  The teacher took it seriously, but the parent, Principal and Superintendent did not.  The Superintendent called it "child's play".  The same student was also found to be physically, verbally, and psychologically abusing my son for about 4 months.  The bully fully admitted to it and has no remorse. When we reported it to the Principal, she promised my son he would be safe from now on, and that very day he was threatened again!  When we questioned how this happened, "I didn't get around to addressing it yet." was the response.  The Superintendent said the "bully" doesn't have the problem, my son does!  ...This school breeds bullies, even my son recognizes it at age 6.  How do we expect our children to do the right thing by telling adults when something is wrong if they are continually shut down by the adults in charge.  ...What happened to a safe learning environment?

Nominating - Richmond Middle School - Richmond MO
My son is 13 years old and has been a victim of bullying and the school did NOT step in. My son is the size of most 6th graders, so being in the 8th grade makes him an easy target, I went to his school for a parent teachers conference to discuss why his grades have suddenly begun to drop, at the meeting the teacher had informed me that  my son had been concerned with bullying and was afraid to go to the 9th grade. He had shared with her that he had been picked up in the bathroom by 2 other students and they shoved his head in the urinals and then flushed the toilet on his head. They punch him daily in the halls multiple times, knock his books from his hands and pick him up sometimes and will not let him go. These incidents have went on for months and I have just recently found out about it by mistake ... the teacher never reported the incident to her superiors. I filed charges with the resource officer and the principal suspended one of the students for 3 days.. and nothing else has been done to the other child, because he denies the claim. I don't understand why the school and the teachers are not responsible for a safe environment for my son.   K. D.

I nominate Hunter Elementary School, Franklin Ohio, where the principal is quoted in a recorded conversation to a bullied child, I try to explain to him, you were bullied. I cant fix that, but Im stopping it now.   I told him we were watching him (the bully), that I knew what he was doing.  I knew he was picking on the other kids to try and get them in trouble. I told him I was going to stop all bullying at Hunter Elementary and that he was going to stop or I was going to take further action.     W. D.




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Nominating - Burrowes Elementary School - Lancaster PA
I nominate Burrowes Elemantary because my granddaughter who is nine has been bullied for the past three years and it is escalating into violence.  The bullies are not being punished but my granddaughter is.  She is the one who has to stay in at recess and gets yelled at if she leaves the teachers side.  They even put her in the ISS (in school suspension) room for recess while the bullies are outside playing.  She gets punched, locked in closets, pushed into walls and numerous other things.  The school does not seem to know how to handle it and at this point we are in fear for my granddaughters life.  Bonnie

Nominating - St. Elizabeth Seton Academy - Central Falls RI
My son is in the 6th grade. This year a new principal was hired.  Early this year my son, who is a special needs student, was kicked and pushed by one of these new students into a busy street.  The principal witnessed the entire event.  He gave this child 1 day of in-house suspension. ...That student was recently expelled for hitting a teacher. There have been other incidents where my son was verbally and physically abused but the principal gave me a story on each occasion claiming that my child, who suffers from inattentive hyperactivity, was annoying to the other student, causing the other students to punch, push, trip down  flights of stairs, tease and torment him.  Punishment was given to my child - he was "involved" in a punching incident ...Yes he stood there and got hit.  The last straw was when 4 students were brought to the Principal by a teacher who stated my son was tormented and teased so badly he was crying and shaking.  He gave them a essay to write as a punishment. That afternoon they laughed in front of the other students claiming they had the Principal in there back pocket.  ...It had to be heartwrenching for my child to conclude his pain and suffering had only been worth a writing assignment.   I am transferring him as we speak to a better school.  ...Sometimes bullies grow to be Principals.     Coryann

Nominating -  Saugerties High School - NY
A girl took advantage of our friendship and she and another person broke into my locker and stole my cell phone. When I reported this to the principal they made it seem like I was the one who misplaced the cell phone.  The resource officer who has since left, investigated a little but nothing happened.  In early December, my mother received a phone call from a girl who found my cell phone and realized it was mine.  She told us who the two girls were that stole it.  The Ulster County Sheriff's Department was called in to investigate further...  ...We decided to see how the school would handle it.  Unfortunately, the school refused to do anything about it.   ...Come to find out that one girl's mother worked for the FBI as a secretary and the others worked at the Sheriff's Department, they demanded for the sheriff drop the case or face repercussions. ...Think it ended there?  Nope.     ...The biggest bullies at my school in New York State would have to be the administration, principals and superintendent, who laughed in my and my parent's face whenever we reported something.  One day Saugerties, Ny will probably be known as the next Columbine.    TM

Nominating - Jefferson County School District - WV
My son has been the victim of bullying by one particular student since the fourth grade.  We notified the school principal at that time and nothing was done.  Bullying continued... pushing our son into the wall, calling him names, tripping him, knocking his books and school supplies to the floor.  We have injury reports... We met several times with the school principal, teacher, and assistant superintendant.  We notified the superintendant and the school board but to no avail.  No obvious disciplinary action was taken ...we removed our son from the public schools and sent him to private school.  ...The bully has continued to harass and inflict injury... West Virginia has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, but this school district does not have the guts to take action against bullies.  Our son is now in seventh grade and has returned to the public school system.  Immediately, the bullying from the same student continued... The school district refuses to take action and the middle school he attends even named this bully as "Student of the Week." ...we are forced to take our case to the state department of education, the attorney general, and/or seek private legal action against the district. Brett

Nominated - The Public Schools of Fairless Hills - PA
Reason - "My son, has Cerebral Palsy, ADHD and heart disease. He has been bitten, scratched, slammed into trash cans or walls, harassed, and was hog tied with a jump rope.  After the bullies tied up his legs and feet, they wrapped it around his neck.  The school NEVER notified me.  I only found out because my son said his neck hurt.  The school did nothing.  The principal told me it was a "privacy issue" and she could not tell me if and what the disciplinary action was toward the other children involved.  She has ignored me and has blown off meetings I have tried to have about all of the bullying.  When she was finally confronted face to face, she told me my son started it all."

Nominated - Third Avenue Elementary - PA
Reason - "For 2 years my son was constantly coming home with bruises and telling me that he was getting beat up at school. When I went to the school they would blame it all on my son and accuse him of things that my son would never do, and said they didn't believe my son. However the parents of the bullies confronted me in stores when the saw me and told me that their children were bragging about beating up my son.  I told the the school and they still didn't care and that if i didn't like the way things were should put him in another school. He was not only scared of going to school but terrified!! I did however put him in another school, not because Third Ave. elm. wanted me to, but because I felt he would be safe. I must add that he has absolutely no problems what so ever at his new school (State Street Elm)."      Thank you,   N. S.


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Nominated - Casey County High School - KY
Girls Take School to Court, Saying It Ignored Bullying - Lawsuit Alleges Teachers, Administrators Said There Was Nothing They Could Do, By Durrell Dawson

Nominated - Pleasanton Independent School District - TX
"...As my daughter completes each grade she is discriminated by: staff, faculty, students, because of race.  I have filed numerous complaints with the Superintendent, Coaches, Instructors, Principals, and Assistant Principals. On a daily basis my daughter is told by students in front of other students and teachers to get out you "nigger" you don't belong in our school (my daughter is bi-racial of both black and Hispanic descent). I am her mother and I am Hispanic. I have written and spoke to both the Atascosa County and the Texas State Rep. They in turn told me that they have no jurisdiction as to stopping the "Bullying" by staff/faculty. ...I refuse to let them stereotype her." S. G.

Nominated - Pattonville Heights Middle School - MO
Reason- "For my entire middle school run I was attending this school. I was constantly physically harrassed, and verbally teased in my last two years there. Kids could gang up on each other, sometimes near the teachers, and nobody would intervene. Violent physical bullying was known to happen as well. While a rule supposed to combat bullying here was instigated last year, it was never reinforced. The victims are often blamed for the bullying towards them."      D. K.

Nominated - Portland Middle and High schools - OR
"I would like to nominate Portland Middle and High schools for this award (both cause i have been physically touched in both). i am a heavy student and carry some of the wight in my chest. i have been sexually assaulted in both schools through the years and every time we would have meetings they would do what they said they would do for about a week then taper off. it eventually got to the point i couldn't go to school. But the point remains this schools does not seem to care what happens and have an excuse for absolutely everything."  Julie

Nominated - Russell Sage JHS 190 Queens - NY
"My son is a little dark skined and has been called a monkey and told that he should not be in the same planet with them (kids). My child tried talking with the school social worker about how some kids in his class kept calling him fat, dirty and ugly. ...When my child complained, ...the school counseler informed me that my son seems to have emotional problems. ...This made my son depressed. I even took him to another counselor outside school. When she evaluated him she informed me that he was very hurt about how the children treated him. When I spoke with the Principal she told me that he had to deal with it and move on.  A few days later my son gets into a fight and he was given a black eye. Now my son is suspended for 16 days and the other child got detention. ...This is called "Zero Tolerance" - the school tolerates at it's own discretion..."  A. F.

Nominated - Promenade Elementary School, Corona, CA
"...The school refused to take any action against the bully of my 10 year old twins.  My twins are medically disabled with a rare brain disorder and over the past year and a half they have been bullied both physically and verbally.  The twins, and I, have consistently reported the bully's actions, IN WRITING, and in person but the school has done nothing except to say "they won't do it again" and take recess away from all of the kids (twins included) because they claimed that my twins had some responsibility for it.  ...One of the twins (who had 4 brain surgeries) is now in private school."  D. K.

Nominated - St. Marys Area School District, St Marys (Middle School) - PA
Reason - "My daughter is in Learning Support and the incidents started when she was in 7th grade.  We didn't even know she was being bullied but I had seen signs that there could be something seriously wrong.  ...The bully was spreading gossip and calling her names and said daily would remind her that she had no friends (not true).  The taunting caused her to hate school, her family and worse of all herself.  ...I wanted them to remove this girl from my daughter's classes.   They told me that they couldn't and wouldn't.  They would remove my daughter and put her into classes for children under her abilities.  I explained that I felt that my daughter was the one being punished.  They said that situations like these will help her grow and she will be better in the long run for being bullied.  I was outraged. ...Pennsylvaina needs to do something or we will lose our youth!"      Michele