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Synopsis: 2001 Miss. Laws, S.B. 2390  Directs the  State Board of Education to develop a list of recommended conflict resolution and peer mediation programs that address responsible decision making, the causes and effects of school violence and harassment, cultural diversity, and nonviolent methods for resolving conflict, including peer mediation.  Requires the board to make the list available to local school administrative units and school buildings by the beginning of the 2002-2003 school year.

In 2010 Mississippi "updated" their anti bullying law with SB 2015.  Same old, same old - still a C graded law.


2010 S.B. 2015
Education Chapter 371154


Senate Education Bills
2010 Legislative Session
April 28, 2010

SENATE BILL 2015 Prohibits bullying or harassing behavior in the public schools. The bill requires all local school districts to adopt a policy prohibiting bullying and harassing behavior.  Effective Date: July 1, 2010

Conference Report Filed, which:
          o Prohibits bullying or harassing behavior, including written, electronic or verbal communications, in the public schools, including school property, at any school-sponsored function, or on a school bus
          o Requires each local school district to include in its personnel policies, discipline policies and code of student conduct a prohibition against bullying or harassing behavior and adopt procedures for reporting, investigating and addressing such behavior
          o Requires the policies to recognize the fundamental right of every student to take reasonable actions as may be necessary to defend himself or herself from an attack by another student who has evidenced menacing or threatening behavior through bullying or harassing

    * Conference Report Adopted by Senate
    * Conference Report Adopted by House
    * Approved by Governor

It is the belief of many Bullying Experts that Conflict resolution and Peer Mediation is not appropriate for a Bully vs. Victim situations, especially after bullying has occurred.  Clearly, the victim should not be blamed or put on a "hot-seat" when they have been victimized by a bully.  This is like putting a rapist in with his victim.  In most cases, to save themselves from further retaliation, the victim will say, "I'm sure I'm at fault somehow" or "It wasn't that serious."   When an abused housewife is confronted in front of her husband about the abuse, many times she even feels the beating she received for having the dinner late was justified.   It's the same with victims of bullying and Peer Mediation/Conflict Resolution.  Those programs are questionable when it comes to bullying.  This code/policy rarely mentions the word "bullying" and is not an anti bullying law, nevertheless, Mississippi get a C for having a well written Policy as well as a clear code to punish bullies who intimidate or use threats against other students.


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