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Synopsis: This law is graded a B-.   It covers number 1, 2, 3, a little of 4, 7, 8, and touches on #11 (www.bullypolice.org/grade.html). 



Nebraska Law LB 205 - PDF

Nebraska Revised Statute 79-2, 137



Approved by the Governor February 7, 2008

At the ceremonial signing of LB 205
From left; Tia Machacek (Sheryl’s daughter); Bully Police Nebraska Legislative Liaison, Sheryl Machacek; Senator Gwen Howard; Tracy Belitz and Senator Howard’s aid, Tami Soper.

From Sheryl...
These are other NE Laws that mention 79-267, the law that is currently on the books. They are rewritten to include the wording of LB205

79-293   Nebraska Criminal Code violation; principal or principal's designee; notify law enforcement authorities; immunity.

(1) The principal of a school or the principal's designee shall notify as soon as possible the appropriate law enforcement authorities, of the county or city in which the school is located, of any act of the student described in section 79-267 which the principal or designee knows or suspects is a violation of the Nebraska Criminal Code.

(2) The principal, the principal's designee, or any other school employee reporting an alleged violation of the Nebraska Criminal Code shall not be civilly or criminally liable as a result of any report authorized by this section unless (a) such report was false and the person making such report knew or should have known it was false or (b) the report was made with negligent disregard for the truth or falsity of the report.

Section 79-267 -  Revised Statutes -  Chapter 79 
Student conduct constituting grounds for long-term suspension, expulsion, or mandatory reassignment; enumerated; alternatives for truant or tardy students.

The following student conduct shall constitute grounds for long-term suspension, expulsion, or mandatory reassignment, subject to the procedural provisions of the Student Discipline Act, when such activity occurs on school grounds, in a vehicle owned, leased, or contracted by a school being used for a school purpose or in a vehicle being driven for a school purpose by a school employee or by his or her designee, or at a school-sponsored activity or athletic event:

(1) Use of violence, force, coercion, threat, intimidation, or similar conduct in a manner that constitutes a substantial interference with school purposes;

(2) Willfully causing or attempting to cause substantial damage to property, stealing or attempting to steal property of substantial value, or repeated damage or theft involving property;

(3) Causing or attempting to cause personal injury to a school employee, to a school volunteer, or to any student. Personal injury caused by accident, self-defense, or other action undertaken on the reasonable belief that it was necessary to protect some other person shall not constitute a violation of this subdivision;

(4) Threatening or intimidating any student for the purpose of or with the intent of obtaining money or anything of value from such student;

(5) Knowingly possessing, handling, or transmitting any object or material that is ordinarily or generally considered a weapon;

(6) Engaging in the unlawful possession, selling, dispensing, or use of a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance, as defined in section 28-401, a substance represented to be a controlled substance, or alcoholic liquor as defined in section 53-103 or being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcoholic liquor;

(7) Public indecency as defined in section 28-806, except that this subdivision shall apply only to students at least twelve years of age but less than nineteen years of age;

(8) Sexually assaulting or attempting to sexually assault any person if a complaint has been filed by a prosecutor in a court of competent jurisdiction alleging that the student has sexually assaulted or attempted to sexually assault any person, including sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults which occur off school grounds not at a school function, activity, or event. For purposes of this subdivision, sexual assault means sexual assault in the first degree as defined in section 28-319, sexual assault in the second degree as defined in section 28-320, sexual assault of a child in the second or third degree as defined in section 28-320.01, or sexual assault of a child in the first degree as defined in section 28-319.01, as such sections now provide or may hereafter from time to time be amended;

(9) Engaging in any other activity forbidden by the laws of the State of Nebraska which activity constitutes a danger to other students or interferes with school purposes; or

(10) A repeated violation of any rules and standards validly established pursuant to section 79-262 if such violations constitute a substantial interference with school purposes.

It is the intent of the Legislature that alternatives to suspension or expulsion be imposed against a student who is truant, tardy, or otherwise absent from required school activities.

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