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Send in your nomination for a school worthy of being recognized because they work hard to make school safe, and free from bullies.

In 100 words or less tell us why your school should be awarded "The School Rules the Bullies Award."

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Nominated - White Pines Middle School - Ely Nevada

White Pines' new Principal, Aaron Hanson, was fed up with the bullying going on in his Middle School so he made up an anonymous survey asking his students to tell him who the bullies were.  Then he met with each of the bullies individually and found a way to help them.  He wanted to solve the bully's problem so they wouldn't take out their anger on others.  He even rewarded the bully for good behavior.  It worked!  Students are happier and White Pines is a safe, and happy place to be.  Hurrah, for Principal Aaron Hanson and for his innovative approach to solving bullying.


Nominated - Owen Middle School - Swannanoa, NC

Our school has responded to bullying problems with an innovative, multi-disciplinary program called "Sticks & Stones: Words Can Never Hurt Me!"   The program began with an assembly for a storytelling presentation about bullying in a middle school like Owen. In the story the students learned that bullies are often victims who need the help of counselors and teachers instead of the bravest and strongest kids in school.  Then the students acted out dramas developed with the school counselors about actual bullying scenarios in their social studies classes. Playing the "roles" of bully, victim and bystanders gave the students a hands-on view of bullying in their school. Follow up discussion about the feelings of the victim in each drama and the appropriate responses to bullying incidents were lively and effective.  Each student then wrote their own "Personal Code Of Ethics," which is kept in the counseling office where it is referred to when conflicts arise. Finally, 7th Grade students received a special writing workshop as part of the program. Students created fictional characters and placed them in situations with imaginary bullies during the writing workshop.   Nominated by Donna Marie Todd


Nominated -  The Joseph Shaner Elementary School  -  Mays Landing, NJ
Our school is one of three in our K-8 district (Hamilton Township, Atlantic County, NJ) who have been recognized by the NJ State Department of Education with Best Practice Award in Character Education (1995) as well as being named a Blue Ribbon School District (1996) in this state. Here at Shaner School we have a strong character education program, and anti-bullying program in kindergarten and my own Empathy Training program used in first grade. We have a zero tolerance policy for those who may attempt to bully others. In all areas of school; the buses, playground, cafeteria, hallways, bathrooms and classrooms, bullying and intimidation is not tolerated. All students who enter in kindergarten are taught the year-long anti-bullying program. Character Education is taught monthly with a new character word of the month highlighted throughout the school. We start in September with Respect! When students progress to first grade I continue the anti-bullying program with my Empathy Training program I wrote as my master's thesis. This program takes the anti-bullying program a step further and teaches the students how to act and respond to their peers and teachers; in an empathetic manner. Our school district continues the anti-bullying program in our elementary school; The Hess Educational Complex and our middle school; The Davies School. I am proud to nominate Shaner School for the School-Rules-The-Bully-Award!  Dorothy Schoenstein, School Counselor


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Nominated - Washington Elementary School District - Phoenix, Arizona

Washington Elementary School District is a leader in Arizona for many reasons.  Adopting an anti-bully policy is mandated by AZ state law.  The reason WESD is a leader is because every school in the district has adopted and implemented an Bully PREVENTION program, in addition to a districtwide anti-bully POLICY.  The district gave schools two programs from which to choose.  My school chose the Olweus Bully Prevention Program.  I love it!  It has made a huge difference!  I am proud to say that I teach for this district.  WAY TO GO WESD!!! Pam R.


Nominated - St. Mary's Episcopal School - Edmond, Oklahoma
"I am a teacher at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Edmond, OK.  All schools can have problems with bullying and we are no exception although the problem is small in our school.  When students have a problem with each other we ask them "what do you think you should do?"  We try to teach them to problem solve on their own and most of the time they do a good job.  If they don't know what to do we give them some suggestions.  We then tell them to go back to the student who they are having a problem with and tell them to talk to them.  If there is still a problem we tell that student to come back and tell us, then we will help them by talking to both students.  Using hands is never a solution to solving a problem.  Bullying is never tolerated and we always address problems immediately.  Cindi


Nominated - University Park Elementary – Fairbanks, Alaska
"After learning about my daughter’s bullycide from my sister who is the attendance secretary at the school they formed an anti bullying board and adopted an anti bullying policy without a mandate from the state.  They also invited me to speak at the school.  The principal then informed the middle school in the area that I would be there and suggested I speak there.  I spoke at a total of 3 assemblies for grades 6-8th.  I commend the University Park Administration and staff for their proactive approach to stop bullying in their school."  Rochelle Sides, Co-Director, Bully Police USA


Nominated - The Prentice School - Orange, California
"When Samantha (one of my twins) first started at this private school, she had been bullied and teased about her disability at Promenade Elementary so she was a little nervous.  Her second day at school she noticed a boy crying at recess.  She asked him what happened and he said another boy punched him.  Samantha then saw a teacher approach with the bully who had hit this boy.  The teacher made the boy apologize that minute and then proceeded to the office.  The bully was expelled.  Zero Tolerance.  It was a great message for Samantha at her new school." Denise K.

Here is a great video put out by Shake State Productions
"The Price of Silence", 
that shows students how to stand together and be Heroes in the Crowd.